Group members

sam greenDr Sam Green, Research Assistant

Sam is working on sensory processing in green swordtails and guppies.

mennoMenno van Berkel, PhD Candidate

Menno is researching the role of cognitive, social, and environmental factors in the production of male great bowerbird Ptilonorhynchus nuchalis courtship displays. Co-supervised with Alex Thornton.

CaitlinCaitlin Evans, PhD Candidate

Caitlin is investigating bower building and display behaviour in great bowerbirds. Co-supervised with Alex Thornton.

Kathryn photoKathryn Bullough, PhD Candidate

Kathryn is researching sexual signalling in green swordtails, and is co-supervised with Bram Kuijper.

emma inzaniEmma Inzani, PhD Candidate

Emma is investigating the behaviour of European herring gulls Larus argentatus is co-supervised with Neeltje Boogert.

Zixiang Li, PhD Candidate

Zixiang is investigating the role of highly contrasting patterns on camouflage, his lead supervisor is Martin Stevens.

Former group members

Dr Eleanor Caves (Marie Skłodowska-Curie Fellow 2019-2021, now Assistant Professor at UCSB)

Madeleine Goumas (PhD 2022)